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How to Earn Airline Miles without Taking a Flight Trending 

How to Earn Airline Miles without Taking a Flight


Boarding flight and going abroad is somewhat expensive, if you just want to earn airline miles. But some lucrative programs have made it possible for you to make the most at nothing. Yes! You can rack up miles in your account without boarding a flight. With some attractive programs and tips, you can earn abundant miles without spending on purchasing tickets.

In addition, some people look for a reliable platform where they can find those who want to sell their points. For example, some frequent flyers want to sell American airlines miles, and they get their miles registered on a reliable online platform.

Here are some operative tips that you can use to rack up miles in your account:

#1 Airline dining program

Several airlines are offering lucrative programs to attract those who want to earn points without spending on flight tickets. The airlines offer a preferred list of restaurants that, if you select, can add abundant points to your accounts. You just get your credit card linked with the select restaurant and you would start accumulating points each time you spend on dinning through the linked credit card.

#2 Shopping at select stores

In addition to the restaurants, the airlines do have business collaborations with select stores in your area, where you have a great opportunity to rack up miles in accounts. Who knows purchasing groceries could earn you the next trip to your preferred destination.

#3 Getting registered at miles broker

This is truly the most reliable source to earn miles. Once you get registered with miles and point brokers, you will start finding lucrative opportunities. Several people will already be there to sell American Express points at lucrative deals.

#4 Dedicated credit card

Most of the airlines do offer huge signup bonus points on every purchase through the credit card. Apart from purchasing air tickets, you will also rack up substantial points on other spend at some select stores.

#5 Hotels

There are some popular hotels that have program to earn airline miles instead of hotel points. Based on their programs, you can make the best without spending more through your credit cards.

So if your airline miles account has dried up and you don’t have any plan to board in coming days, you should select a particular one option mentioned above and start earning massive airline miles. On the other hand, locating reliable sellers who want to sell American airline miles can also be helpful.

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