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Jet Airways Ticket Booking for International Travel Memorable 

Jet Airways Ticket Booking for International Travel


Jet Airways, one of the major airlines in India, connects not just Indian cities, but international ones around the globe as well. It is the only private carrier to be flying more international routes than the national airline. Connecting more than 50 domestic and 30 international cities in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia, it has regular non-stop or connecting flights.

International Points Reached

A look at the overseas destinations, reached by the carrier, clearly shows that it essentially operates short and medium-haul flights. Its network is spread to many Gulf cities, such as Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dammam, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Riyadh and Sharjah. Flight tickets can be booked with it for numerous places in South Asia and Southeast Asia, such as Colombo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kathmandu and Singapore. It flies to a few destinations in Europe, namely Amsterdam, London and Paris. However, the only destination it reaches in the Americas, currently, is Toronto in Canada. The rest of the places around the globe can be reached using its partners.

Airline Partners

Though 68 destinations are covered on its own, it also uses the flights of other airlines to connect many more cities around the world. Interline and codeshare partnerships with a number of airlines allow travellers to fly seamlessly to destinations, beyond its own network. The carrier has codeshare partnership with 17 airlines, based in places across the world. It also has separate agreements with 147 globally operating carriers. Out of these, 106 are eTicketing partners, meaning that these also offer the facility of Jet Airways ticket booking. Under codeshare pacts, the code of the marketing carrier is put ahead of the code of the operating carrier on the ticket, signifying which one is operating the flight.

What is an Interline Agreement 

This agreement facilitates easy movement of people from the flight of one airline to the other. Also, flyers are not required to perform the check-in again at the time of making the connection. This also obviates the need for collecting and re-checking the baggage. However, it is not necessary that a carrier, offering e-tickets of the other, will get reciprocated under these agreements; thus, these are said to be directional in nature. People, booking tickets for Jet Airways international flights, can make reservations on another carrier with a single Jet Airways ticket booking. If there is no such agreement, then more than one ticket is issued.  

Agency Advantage

Web-based travel agencies that offer civil aviation-related services, show those flight combinations, for which a single booking can be made. It means that only those itineraries are shown, for which interline agreements between different carriers exist. This way, passengers are assured of hassle-free ticketing and travelling.

In situations, where there are doubts relating to connections with the partners of Jet Airways, flyers can seek the expert advice of online travel agencies (OTA). This confusion can be regarding baggage allowances on connections, excess baggage charges, check-in of luggage, frequent flyer programme of different carriers, and recheck-in. In this respect, agencies play a pivotal role in guiding passengers by listing all the choices and providing answers to their queries.

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