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Best Travel Apps and Websites 2016 Trending 

Best Travel Apps and Websites 2016


Where should I take a vacation this year? What are the cheapest flight options to my dream destination? What’s the best mode of travelling to that destination? How am I going to find a safe hotel for my stay? What will I do once I have made it to my destination?

These questions wander more than often across our minds whenever we are planning for a trip – short or long.

Well, to help you find answers to all these questions, we have put some research on various Travel Portals available across Internet and listed out the ones we found best Travel Apps to watch out in 2016.

This list of Best Travel Apps and Websites 2016 comes handy whether you are looking for a cheap flight, searching for a great and safe hotel, looking for rental cars, or just about anything that makes your trip more than perfect.

Kayak (Web/Android/iOS/Windows)

Kayak saves you from the hassles of browsing through different websites. It is more like a smart travel search engine rather than a travel portal which turns out to be an all-around spot for finding anything related to travel – hotels, cheap flights, rental cars, vacation packages, and what not. Kayak lets you search compare information on hundreds of travel portals at once with in a single interface.

Expedia (Web/Android/iOS/Windows)

Whatever it is that you looking for your trip, whatever kind of travel you want to conduct, Expedia has it all for you. It allows you to add multiple destinations and lets you plan multi-city vacations without booking separate flights for each individual destination. It also provides cruise information, car rental deals, vacation packages, and much more within a single hub.

Clever Layover (Web)

Clever Layover creates the cheapest itinerary to your destinations by connecting flights from different carriers saving you from the hassles of browsing and connecting flights.

TripAdvisor (Web/Android/iOS/Windows)

TripAdvisor is the father of hotel review websites. It has a huge bank of hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, and reviews about each and every tourist attraction. And, they are reliable too.

Love Home Swap (Web)

With Love Home Swap, you can browse more than 70,000 vacation homes in almost any country, and exchange homes with owners for your vacation. You can even host someone at your home when you go for next trip.

Skiplagged (Web/Android/iOS)

Skiplagged claim to be better at finding cheap flights than any other website. And, indeed, they are!

Skiplagged is the only flight search engine that not only finds tickets where your destination is the final stop, but also to any final stops leading up to your destination. It uses a concept called hidden city fares to make your travel cheaper.

Skyscanner (Web/Android/iOS/Windows)

Skyscanner lets you search and browse flights for destinations around the World by just entering your originating destination. I guess, no other popular Travel Portal or any old player comes with this benefit. However, you may find this feature in certain new portals.

There are other many great Travel Apps and Websites. But, these are my favourites and hence, they made it to my list of “Best Travel Apps and Websites 2016“.

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