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Hacks to get the cheapest flights Flights 

Hacks to get the cheapest flights


Travelling is always a good idea, but being a smart traveller is even better. Living in the era of advance technology and e – commerce, Flight bookings have never been so easy and smooth. Read below to discover some sure shot hacks to get the best deals while booking your airline tickets to your next expedition. 

Book in Advance

If you know the exact time of the year that you have to travel, it is best suggested to book your tickets well in advance. It is a commonly known fact that the sooner you book your airline tickets the cheapest flights you get. Well the above stated stands true, it is not very wise to book flight tickets far ahead of time. After many researches it has been concluded that the best time to book tickets in order to get the cheapest rates is up to 60 days prior the travel date in case of international flights and up to 45 days prior the travelling dates in case of domestic flights.

 Compare Flight Rates

This is a rather easy and obvious point to check while booking flights. Now –a- days there are many website portals that allow you to compare the rates of various airlines and help you choose the one offering the lowest rates for your travel destination. There are way too many airlines to choose from, making the task of going to separate websites of the respective airlines and checking their fare one by one, such online aggregators make this entire task from troublesome to smooth and quick. These portals not only provide cheap flights and airline tickets but also give you the options of booking hotels from the very same place and provide you a pleasant flight bookings experience.

 Keep your searches a secret

As sceptical as this hack sounds, it is actually very helpful and works wonders when it comes to booking your airline tickets online. When you search a particular flight price over and over again the flight price actually increases. This is a result of the cookies in your browser because of which the prices are automatically increased on an airline’s website in order to scare the costumer and compelling them to buy the tickets before then get even higher. However, a smart way to counter this tactic used by the airline company is to regularly clear out all your cookies and cache from your browser. And in case you forget to do so there is an ever easier way, just log in to your browser in an incognito mode so that none of your browsing history is recorded. So, always start with a clean slate and you are assured of getting the cheap flights each time.

These simple yet effective tips can help you save up to a whopping 70%. Travelling does not always have to put a big dent in your bank account. Make sure to keep these pointers in mind. These will help you save on the travel expense so that you can splurge on gathering more exhilarating experience each time you travel to a new place.


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