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Buying business class tickets to Egypt, enjoying luxury Flights 

Buying business class tickets to Egypt, enjoying luxury


Business class tickets are expensive as compared to other categories. Business seat is larger and provides lot of convenience and comfort.

There are a number of leisure travelers who only book their tickets for long-haul destinations in business class. Travelers can avail the benefits of frequent flyers services and get their business class tickets to Egypt at nominal rates.

Providing many on-board amenities

Business class flights provide you numerous on-board services like international cuisines, inflight bars or lounge, entertainment services, legroom, comfortable bedding etc. at affordable rates.

Comfort is a key feature of this class which is provided by the airlines to their business class passengers. In this way, you can feel refreshed and relaxed while traveling from one country to another.

Offering efficient and caring services by flight attendants

The business class flights serve fine dining to their passengers and provide them a unique travelling experience. The attendants not only provide efficient, friendly and caring services, but also offer unobtrusive and peaceful environment where the passengers can easily do their work effectively as well as take rest.

 Having International flavors

There is no scarcity of International cuisines which are offered by the airlines to their business travelers. Here, you will get fine menu which is inspired by the world class chefs, cocktails on demand and other international flavors which give you mouthwatering experience. Besides food, the flight attendants also serve you many desserts, tea and coffee, including cappuccino and expresso along with brown sugar, white sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Entertain yourself

All the seats in this class are equipped with special monitors. During your long destination trip, you will be able to entertain yourself by watching numerous movies, many shows as well as audio and video on demand. While enjoying in the flight, you just need to use your fingertips on the 10.4 inch flat screen and to enjoy sound you need to wear noise-cancelling headphones.

Relaxing at well-designed lounge

Lounge is best way to relax and rejuvenate your mind before taking flight. Here, you will get calm and tranquil atmosphere that will increase your energy level and give you lot of pleasure. The lounge offers you a wide range of business services like different kinds of wines, beers and Wi-Fi facility for those who want to chat and make video calls and conference calls.

Getting comfortable seats

A pillow and blanket is not enough for sleep. For sound sleep, you need proper bedding. Business class tickets to Egypt seat offer you lot of comfort and optimum legroom. When the seat reclines, it converts into a flatbed which provides you long and undisturbed sleep. Moreover, the headrests are rich with adjustable padded wings to give you maximum comfort. The seats are ergonomically designed that give you stable lumbar support during long-haul flights.

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