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5 Destinations That Offer a Low Price Flights 

5 Destinations That Offer a Low Price


Traveling the world doesn’t always mean that you have to save for years. With cheap airfare tickets now available on travel websites, you just jet off to somewhere exotic and still manage to stick to save more on your vacations. Be it your long-haul vacations or a short weekend break, we have scoured the globe for the cheapest destination choices that you can consider before planning your holidays. So, just to help you more with it, here are top five destinations where you can get the most bang for your travel buck.


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

To travel is to live but nowadays there’s a lot to consider when planning for a holiday. Just like cheap airlines and accommodation are important while budgeting, so are all the hidden costs that we spend during the holidays.Follow the green light and just check out these five striking yet cheapest destinations that offer great value.


Magnificent and unspoiled, Vietnam is super cheap, as well as a beautiful country. In Vietnam, you can easily enjoy your day by spending just $5 a day including guest house rent, local food with a bit of drinkingBia Hoi(Vietnam’s most popular brew). Here, you may find many interesting places to visit and things to do. Some of the best and budget friendly tourist attractions of Vietnam are:

*       Hoàn Kiếm Lake – Lake in Hanoi

*       Ha Long Bay

*       Mekong Delta

*       Sapa

Popular Food of Vietnam

*       Pho

*       Com tam

*       Banh xeo


When planning about traveling to Indonesia, Bali is the first choice that people always think of. But there are a lot more than thousands of little islands that are just as beautiful and budget friendly as Bali. It is home to many glittering temples, volcanoes and tranquil sceneries. Here, the accommodation costs around $5 a night, as well as affordable designer goods that a traveler can buy from the local markets.

Popular Attractions

*       Borobudur – Temple in Magelang Regency

*       Mount Bromo – Volcano in Indonesia

*       Sanur, Bali

*       Tanah Lot

Popular Food

*       Nasi Goreng

*       Sate ayam

*       Gudeg


Another budget friendly country that surely quenches the wanderlust of the traveloholics is Cambodia. Here, you can get bed for $1 and even pay less for the lip-smacking food. It is so cheap that you can feel guilty for paying this little. In Cambodia, you can easily explore its scenic beauty, great architectures, temples, the rich culture and history, while enjoying the five-star luxury without the price tag.

Popular Attractions

*       Angkor Wat

*       Bayon – Temple in Siem Reap

*       Kep National Park – Krong Kep

*       Wat Ounalom

Popular Food

*       Fish Amok

*       Char kroeung Sach Ko

*       Twa Ko


From breathtaking sights, bright colors, delicious cuisine and wonderful landscapes, India has it all to offer and that too at a very affordable cost. This magnanimous country is known as one of the cheapest countries to visit. Whether you are planning to travel to Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan or further down to the greenest south, you will be able to get here in a small budget. India is so diverse that it fulfills the needs of every traveler. From cheap accommodation to delicious low-cost food, India overall is very affordable where travelers can enjoy as per their budget and pocket.

Popular Attractions

*       Taj Mahal – Agra

*       Amer Fort – Jaipur

*       Goa beaches

*       Gateway of India – Mumbai

*       Kerala

Popular Food

*       Biryani

*       Idli

*       Pani Puri

*       Tandoori chicken


Hungary is a popular destination and offers a lot to the travelers coming here for the vacations. Being on many travelers’ lists of must-see cities of Eastern Europe, the capital Budapest is a stunning place with so many superb attractions.

Popular Attractions

*       Buda Castle – Budapest

*       Chain Bridge

*       St. Stephen’s Basilica

*       Shoes on the Danube Bank

Popular Food

*       Székelygulyás

*       Chicken Paprikash

*       Paprikás krumpli

*       Vadgombaleves      

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