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Singapore: Vivacious and Versatile Vacations 

Singapore: Vivacious and Versatile


Being the melting pot of numerous cultures and religions is no easy task in the Far East but Singapore manages to do it with so much elegance. It is basically a collage of a number of different flavors and hues with which the different corners of Far East are painted. And when all these contrasting palates come together, it can either result in utter confusion or ultimate elation. Thankfully, with Singapore flights the tourist always land on the latter experience.

With the appropriate moniker of ‘City in a Garden’, one can easily expect the scores of beautiful gardens and parks that one gets to plan a trip to on their vacation here. Spend an afternoon at the botanical gardens where you get to view the soothing and sweet-smelling vistas that will melt your stress away. Cheap Flights to Singapore from UK will take you all the way to ‘Little India’ and all other mini versions of the world popular countries that have merged with the very fabric of this country. In addition to being versatile in its cultural orientation, it also lets you view the seamless gradient of humble hamlets into towering skyscrapers.

Often termed as the ultimate mall city which is more famous as a posh hangout than the haggling grounds; Singapore is home to the best malls that ever came into existence over this planet and thankfully they all lie within walking distance from each other in this marvelous and petite city. Flights to Singapore will bring you as close as humanely possible to the hot-off runway couture and latest electronics at prices just right for your budget. And when you are done collecting the best of international deals, give the local antique shops a go too where you will feel like a kid in a spiritual candy-store. The shelves are full of literature, accessories, fragrances and holy items that will add both spiritual well-being and exotic colors to your living room.

Since a lot of different cultures co-exist in perfect harmony in Singapore hence one can easily spot chiseled mosques and temples all over this Harbor city. And almost all of these sites are open to people from all walks of life with no prejudices, whatsoever. Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Taoism are few of the religions that have flourished tremendously within this city. Tickets to Singapore will grant you your life long wish of visiting these heavenly locations that have that glorious tint of spirituality to their account too. Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, Thian Hock Keng temple and Masjid Sultan are the must visit travel destinations on your maiden Singapore trip. The authentic ambience and life-changing experiences await you at every possible step within this charming tapestry.

People visit Singapore for a lot of reasons and all of them have bliss at their centre. The glamorous and soothing mix that make this city worth every second of your visit has lured a lot of tourists to these roads most travelled all this time. So disconnect yourself from the daily monotony and tune into the beautiful life here at Singapore.

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