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Things You Can Do While You Are On A Long Airplane Journey Trending 

Things You Can Do While You Are On A Long Airplane Journey


You have a long airplane journey ahead of you and you are absolutely dreading it. You don’t want to be bored out of your mind while you are on board. So what do you do when you take those long and agonizing trips? Well, worry not. Here are some tips that might help you get through a long flight journey. Check them out.

Read A Book

If there is a book that you have been planning to read for a while but couldn’t take out time for it, do it now! This is the perfect opportunity to start reading a good book. You cannot make an excuse about time with so many extra hours in hand. So get cracking on that book! You could also carry along some lifestyle and fashion magazine to update your knowledge on fashion clothes and celebrity fashion.

Eat Light & Fresh

Do not overload yourself with all the cheesy and heavy stuff. Order a fresh salad with a light dressing and drink plenty of water. Refrain from stuffing yourself with burritos or meat-loaded sandwiches. Eat fresh fruits and salad veggies to avoid feeling sick during the later part of the journey. Also, try to keep away from too much alcohol or caffeine as you do not want to keep visiting the loo in a claustrophobic airbus.  

Catch Up On Sleep

Now that you’ve got so much time in hand, you can catch up on some sleep. Eat something light, curl up in your blanket, adjust the pillow, put on your eye mask and take that much needed nap. A busy life can deprive you of sleep, so make the most of this journey and indulge into a good beauty sleep.

Carry Fun Games

If you are travelling with company you can play fun games like UNO, scrabble, or ludo to spice things up. These indoor games will come to your rescue when you start to get bored. So carry some games along when you pack for that long flight trip.

Start A Movie Binge

Fill up your tablet or laptop with some good movies and binge watch them while you sit comfortable on your set. Carry a good-quality neck pillow to comfortably watch the movies. You can also enjoy some great music or a short TV series while on the long plane journey. If you are into lifestyle and fashion you can check out catalogs of fashion clothes and style for a dose of entertainment. Get all the trendy celebrity fashion updates while you are on board!

These are some ideas that might help you get through a long airplane journey. So, the next time you are planning to go on a trip you can be better prepared. 

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