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Most Loved Indian Festivals with Flights to India What'New 

Most Loved Indian Festivals with Flights to India


India is famous for its spellbinding non-stop festive seasons. With cheap flights to India, you can visit this wonderful nation anytime of the year, you can be a part of the festival that display the spiritual side of the nation too. Epic mythological tales are depicted on the stage through dance and drama.

 The Festival of Lights – Diwali

Diwali displays a grand spectacle than any other Indian festival. It is a festival of lights and a victorious celebration of good over evil. The festival name ‘Diwali’ means ‘lamps lit in an array’. Everyone lights, small clay lamps and fireworks to celebrate the return of Ram from exile. Book flights from UK to India with Flights to India at an affordable rate and save big.

This festival is mostly a large family celebration that brings together several families. The days are celebrated with puja and ancient traditions. 

The date of this festival changes every year as it follows the lunar cycle. So check the festival dates much in advance and book your trip to India likewise. Diwali falls mostly in either in October or in the month of November. 

With tickets to India, you can celebrate this festival in cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, several parts of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Book flights online with much in advance to avail the best flight and holiday deal.

 Durga Puja – Kolkata 

This is another flamboyant Indian festival that may not be as famous as Holi or Diwali, it still has a lot to offer to the local people of Kolkata as well as to visitors. Yes, the city of joy – Kolkata is the best place to celebrate Durga Puja. It is specially celebrated to gain wisdom, power and prosperity from Durga.

Since one year before the festival, several artisans in Kolkata get quite occupied in setting up decorated stages and tents. On the last day, the statues are taken to the Ganges (also known as Hoogly River) and immersed into the water.

Since Bengal is known for its cultural features, the city is turns into a grand open-air art gallery. It is truly a surprising sight and no one does it better than Kolkata. With India flights experience something you have never ever seen before. Every moment is a dream earned!

Festival of Prosperity – Ganesh Chuturthi 

Ganesh is the famous and favourite elephant-headed deity. This festival runs for 11 days between the months August and September in Maharashtra, mainly in the city of Mumbai. Somewhat similar to Durga Puja, idols and images of Ganesh are prepared all through the year and showcased at the festival. On the 11th day, with lot of posh and pomp, the image is taken to the sea with singing and dancing, and finally immersed into the sea.

 Festival of Colours – Holi

Holi is the most well-known and loved festival not only among Indians, but foreigners too. This involves of throwing of coloured powder and water. This takes place mainly during the spring months of March. This festival can get a bit uncomfortable for women, but there are safety measures that one must follow. 

If you are keen on celebrating Holi. find the right people and group. Cover your skin and hair with oil to prevent the colour from being embedded in your skin. The best place to celebrate Holi is in the North Indian cities of UP, Delhi, Haryana, Mathura and Vrindavan.

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