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Pros and Cons of Baggage for Flights to Chennai Vacations 

Pros and Cons of Baggage for Flights to Chennai


There are pros and cons of keeping stuff in both the bags. Things kept in cabin bags are easily accessible, but check-in baggage allowance is usually high. You can go through the benefits of both the options as well as their disadvantages listed below. This will help you in managing your items efficiently, in the coming future.

Pros of Cabin Bags

Cabin bags are the ones that you can carry in the aircraft. Hence, anything kept in these can be taken out at any time of the journey. It includes a pair of flip-flops, neck pillow or blindfold. In case there is not enough space in the overhead compartment, you can keep it under the seat as well. The best part is that one does not have to wait for a long time to get their bags back as these will be with them throughout the journey. In the case, you are carrying only cabin luggage, simply zip through the terminal to your vehicle or taxi. This proves to be quite handy in case of connecting flights also. Besides this, several reports claim that carriers based in India may soon launch zero bag fares for people with no baggage that will make flight tickets even cheaper.

It is worth mentioning that there are some cons as well. Though this option is convenient, you can carry only selected items in it. For the safety of the aircraft and fellow passengers, airlines do not allow any liquids, sharp objects, prospective explosives and anything that can prove to be hazardous, in these bags. Apart from this, the weight limit of cabin luggage accepted by carriers is quite low when compared to check-in baggage, and you cannot even increase it by paying a fee.

Checked-in Baggage

Bags that fall in this category are carried in a cargo plane that flies right behind your aircraft. The flexibility regarding weight is the best thing about this baggage type. In case you exceed the pre-defined limit, all you have to do is pay the fee for the same. Along with this, a number of items prohibited in cabin bags are allowed to be carried in checked-in bags. As these are kept in a different aircraft, you do not have to worry about its placement. For instance, people often have to keep their bag under the seat that eats up legroom. In the case of domestic journeys like flights to Chennai from major Indian cities, this is not a big issue, but if it is a long-haul flight, compromising with legroom can be painful.

However, the only con of checked-in baggage is that you may have to wait for hours after your flight lands. Problems like baggage lost and torn bags have also been recorded at many instances.

Keeping in mind these points, you can segregate items to be kept in cabin and check-in baggage as per your preferences and rules of airlines.

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