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Go Spiritual at 5 Temples with Flights to Bhubaneshwar Flights 

Go Spiritual at 5 Temples with Flights to Bhubaneshwar


Odisha’s amazing capital – Bhubaneshwar is one of the top tourist place of the state that is known for it’s 600+ temples. The city name has been derived from the Sanskrit name that means ‘Lord of the Three Worlds’. Several flights to Bhubaneshwar from London fly out with tourists that love to explore Indian temples.

The building of these temples continued for many years, right from 6th – 7th centuries until the Kalinga Empire took over and made changes in the dynasties and their ruling strategies. So, read on to discover the temples that you should not be missed.

Lingraj Temple

The stunning Lingraj Temple’s spire is around 180 feet tall and it stirs up the evolution of temples in Odisha. The complex of the temple displays 64 smaller shrines which are stunningly decorated with kings and queens, musician and hunters. Only the Hindus will be allowed inside, but the others can admire the temple from a distance, near to the viewing platform. If you are harassed by anyone for a donation, make sure you do not give any money away. Book Tickets to Bhubaneshwar from London at the cheapest fare possible with Flights to India.

Mukteshwar Temple

At 34 feet tall, the temple of Mukteshwar is a compact and the smallest temple in Bhubaneshwar. The famous and exquisite stone archway is ornamented with an artistic ceiling, eight petals of lotus and numerous craved images. The name ‘Mukteshwar’ means – ‘the one who frees through yoga’. There are meditation sessions and poses in the temple along with figures from Hindu scriptures. If children are visiting with you, the animal fables can excite them. Board London to Bhubaneswar flights and do not miss the Mukteshwar Dance Event held every January.

Brahmeshwar Temple

Located a mile away from the renowned Lingraj Temple, the Brahmeshwar temple was erected by the mother of the king who reigned that time. The temple is around 60 feet tall. Iron beams were used for the major construction of the temple. After the completion of the temple, there were iconography dancers and musicians that performed on the temple walls. 

International tourists love admiring several of the lion heads and the lotus design that sticks out from the ceiling. There are beautifully carved erotic statues and appealing damsels. The exteriors are decorated with several gods, goddesses, animal and religio-historic events.

Rajarani Temple

The Rajarani Temple id unique in itself as there is no deity can be identified with the temple. A legend goes this way that this temple was once an entertaining resort for a king and queen. A beautiful combination of sandstone is used in building the temple. The carvings of the temple are unique and quite erotic. Such a display often tags the temple as being the Khajuraho of the east.

A mind-boggling feature of the temple are an array of tiny spires that beautify the spires. The temple grounds are extremely spacious and unspoiled, which is often used as a place to relax and experience peace in mind. To enjoy the cultural effect, do not miss the Rajarani Music Festival held on the temple ground. 

Yogini Temple

Built around the 9th – 10th century AD, the Yogini Temple is situated approximately 12 miles east of Bhubaneshwar. It is a temple that is worthy of a visit. So what does this temple have special to offer? It is one of the four Yogini Temples in India that is dedicated to the tantric cult. It is enveloped with mystery and many are in fear of such things are beliefs.

The temple has 64 stone yogini (a Yogini is an enlightened woman with high-spirited passion, spiritual powers and profound perception) figures that are carved inside the walls, representing the mother that lives on the blood of demons. The yogini’s believe that worshipping Bhairavi would enable them to gain supernatural powers.

The temples do not contain a roof because of several beliefs that people have regarding the blessings of the divine. To experience something spine-chilling, visit the temple during the evenings when the yoginis are illuminated red by the light with cheapest flights to India.

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