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Get Flights to Canada for the love of travel


Some of us like to see the main highlights of a place we travel to, while a few like to go beyond the beaten track to a road less travelled by. No matter what kind of tourist you are, Canada is one such country that will amaze you with its vivid attractions and splendid natural beauty. Here you can find everything from natural wonders to modern structures, amusement parks to a vibrant culture and of course a cosmopolitan feel throughout its expanse.

Here are the top 5 attractions of the world’s second largest country in the world.

Horseshoe Falls:- The Niagara Falls of the Canadian side derives its name from the shape given by nature. When you come face to face with the falls, you will be dazzled by its power and beauty. Visit the Skyon Tower to experience a 360 degree aerial view of the falls. The tower has two restaurants and an observation deck at its summit.

The City of Toronto:- One of the hottest attractions of Canada, the ethnically diverse city of Toronto boasts of multiple engagements for tourists. From art to architecture, cuisine to fashion and entertainment to events, Toronto is indeed a complete package. Visit the CN Tower and explore its various attractions like Edgewalk, Sky Pod, the Look Out, and the Glass Floor. Other interesting places of the city include the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Zoo, Casa Loma and the Distillery District.

Banff National Park:- Banff National Park takes you to the unspoiled Canadian wilderness with innumerable opportunities for active exploration. The breathtaking landscape and the mesmerising beauty of the Rocky Mountains covered with alpine forests and the pristine lakes are a pleasure for the nature lover as well as an adventure enthusiast.

Nova Scotia:- The rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty attracts one and all to make a trip to Nova Scotia that lies in eastern Canada and is almost completely encircled by the Atlantic. It is a place where you will come alive with the rhythm of the sea while you soak in its diverse culture. Explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Bay of Fundy shaped by the most impressive tides in the world. Take a drive along Cabot trail on Cape Breton Island for a feast for the eyes.

British Colombia & the Canadian Rockies:- This region provides plenty of things to see and do. Here you have the Rocky Mountains on one side and the world’s greatest whale-watching waters rich in marine life on the other. There is the wax museum and the Butchart Gardens outside the city. So this time when you book your cheap flights to Canada, explore it in such a way that when you come back your experience.

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